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Root canal treatments in Cluj

Endodontics or root canal treatment aims to remove infected or inflamed pulpal tissue, clean and disinfect the endodontic system and then fill (seal) it with a material that prevents the growth of bacteria. The dental pulp is a tissue located inside the tooth and consists of nerves, blood vessels and specialized cells. The canal treatment saves a tooth that would otherwise have to be extracted due to irreversible pulpal inflammation. If endodontic treatment / root canal treatment is not done in a timely manner, bone infection can occur at the top of the root, which can lead to tooth loss over time.

Symptoms of pulpal inflammation include sensitivity to cold or hot liquids and pain. Because any tooth without a nerve becomes brittle, after completing endodontic treatment, we recommend applying a fiberglass pivot to reduce the susceptibility to fracture of the tooth, and then covering it with a crown to increase the strength of the tooth. The dam is an extensible rubber foil fixed to the teeth with clamps and a frame, which is used to insulate the teeth during the canal treatments, fillings, cementing the final works.

The services we offer in our clinic:
- Complete treatment of tooth decay and associated pain;
- The use of biocompatible materials to preserve the vitality of the tooth;
- Physiognomic fillings with high quality composites that restore the functionality and natural appearance of the tooth.

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