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Dental prosthetics in Cluj

Dental prosthesis consists of restoring or replacing one or more teeth that have lost their functional capacity, or have been completely lost from the arches as the caries process progresses.

Tratamentele de protetica dentara pe care le oferim in clinica stomatologica Dentocalm sunt:
- Total or partial acrylic prostheses;
- Skeleted prostheses;
- Adjustment, repair and lining of mobile prostheses;
- Dental prostheses on implants;
- ­Coroane dentare pe implant;
- ­Coroane dentare pe suport metalic;
- Coroane zirconiu;
- Dental bridges on metal or zirconium support;
- Inlays with noble materials or ceramics;
- Fatete dentare ceramice;
- Fatete dentare pret e.max;
- Fatete dentare din compozit;
- Occlusal balancing treatment.

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