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Dental implants in Cluj

Implantology is the dental specialty that seeks to restore the denture integrity using dental implants into the bone. Dental implants are medical devices meant to fully replace the tooth root. The implants can be covered with dental crowns, dental bridges or mobilizable dental prostheses. Depending on the situation, dental bridges or crowns can be applied in the same session, with the insertion of dental implants, or every few months depending on the complexity of the case.

Implanturi Fast and Fixed

Fast & Fixed is an implant system from Bredent that offers the advantage of immediate prosthetics for oral rehabilitation treatments. Patients with no teeth or compromised teeth that can no longer be saved can benefit from Fast & Fixed. The patient has the great advantage of receiving the provisional prosthetic work immediately post-operatively, returning to social life in record time.

Quick and painless dental implants

Living with a missing tooth affects smiling, talking, eating and many other daily activities. In addition to these inconveniences, a missing tooth can lead to a change in the position of the neighbouring teeth of the edentulous tooth and a change in occlusion. A missing tooth in the visible, aesthetic area affects your smile and can lower your self-confidence. It can also make you stop smiling. When you don't smile, even your relationships suffer. If you are in this situation, we have prepared for you some interesting information about the solutions available with implantology. It is probably not news to you either that implant dentistry is the most advanced method of replacing lost teeth that helps support neighbouring teeth. Since 1965, when the first dental implant was inserted, at that time by an orthopedic doctor named Branemark, and until today, well over 100 companies providing dental implants have been established. With such a wide variety of dental implants, it is no wonder that choosing a dental implant is a serious matter that requires good information in the first place. That's why in this article you'll learn everything you need to know about dental implants. Of course, we recommend that you visit an experienced specialist who can help you identify the type of dental implant that will meet your needs and expectations. From the point of view of the technique used, there are two approaches to implant restorations: 1. The first approach refers to the immediate loading dental implant, when in the same session the dental implant is inserted, the primary stability of the implant is measured and if it is good, the crown is fitted. By inserting the immediate loading implant, the patient benefits from a functional implant and an aesthetic crown in less than 24 hours. This immediate loading dental implant technique can be performed both for those who have lost one tooth and for those who have lost several teeth. By inserting the immediate loading implant, the patient receives a functional implant and an aesthetic crown in less than 24 hours. This immediate loading dental implant technique can be performed on both those who have lost one tooth and those who have lost several teeth.

Advantages of immediate loading dental implants

- Aesthetic restoration within 24 hours; - Due to the rapid healing process, the patient can quickly return to the rhythm of life prior to the surgery, but with certain dietary restrictions during the first 4-6 months after surgery; - The dental implant ensures the preservation of bone volume. In the absence of this procedure, during the healing period after dental extraction, the bone goes through a remodelling phase in which the bone loses volume and the gums begin to recede; - The neighbouring teeth are also protected from any undesirable effects due to missing teeth by maintaining their position on the arch; 2. The second approach, involves a period of approximately 3-4 months between the insertion of the implant and the application of the prosthetic work (crown) on the implant.

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