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Periodontitis treatment in Cluj

Periodontology is the dental specialty that deals with the study and treatment of diseases of the dental gums, as well as problems of gingival aesthetics. Periodontitis or periodontal disease is basically the inflammation of the tooth`s supporting tissues (gums, alveolar bone, periodontal ligament) with their progressive and slow destruction. #parodontology Cluj #parodontosis treatment Cluj

Why periodontitis occur?
The causes of periodontal diseases are not fully known. A determining factor is the accumulation of bacterial plaque on the periodontium and dental surfaces. In addition to plaque, there are a number of local (incorrectly adapted fillings, partial dentures, dental crowding) and general (genetic, smoking, diabetes) favoring factors. #parodontology Cluj #parodontosis treatment Cluj

Clinical forms
In functie de stadiul evolutiv, afectiunea parodontala poate fi impartita in: ­ GINGIVITA – inflamatia gingiilor (tesuturilor parodontale superficiale);­ Parodontita – inflamatia tesuturilor profunde de sustinere a dintilor. #parodontologie Cluj #tratament parodontoza Cluj.

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