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Dental aesthetics in Cluj

Dental aesthetics is any treatment (teeth whitening, dental veneers, dental crowns) that results in the beautification of denture and obtaining a nice beautiful smile as attractive as possible. Dental aesthetics includes techniques and procedures from several dental specialties that all aim to improve the appearance of dental arches and / or gums and soft tissues in the oral cavity. The purpose of dental aesthetics is to restore or improve the patient's smile. These goals can be achieved through minimally invasive procedures such as ceramic veneers or more laborious procedures such as replacing an older silver amalgam filling with porcelain fillings (inlays).

The services we offer in our clinic:
- dental whitening
- dental veneers: ceramic veneers, no-prep dental veneers
- inlay / onlay

Ceramic veneers, used in dental cosmetics, are the most minimally invasive deal you can get for correcting the aesthetic problems of front teeth. Veneers are ceramic sheets that are glued by gluing teeth, changing the appearance of the teeth by changing their color, position, shape or length depending on the patient's requirements.

The inlays (inlay, onlay) are pieces of dental work identical in color with the tooth, thus restoring the healthy appearance of the tooth before the caries process. Inlays / onlays / overlays are made entirely of ceramics. Therefore, inlays are superior to classic seals, both in strength and aesthetics.

Teeth whitening

Teeth whitening treatments can be done in the office with a lamp or at home with a guide (night treatment). Professional whitening with the Beyond lamp means immediate, visible results for up to 2 years and 100% non-invasive and 100% pain-free treatment!

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