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Prevention of dental diseases

Dental prophylaxis is the prevention of tooth disease, as well as the prevention of complications, in case of existing diseases. Prophylaxis consists of a set of sanitation procedures (classic scaling, airflow scaling) that aim to prevent tooth decay and periodontal disease.

The services we offer in our clinic:
- Detection of bacterial plaque with plaque pointing solution;
- Professional ultrasonic scaling;
- Airflow scaling;
- Professional teeth brushing;
- Air-Flow;
- Fluorization;
- Sealing dental ditches.

Igienizare dinti: detartraj + periaj profesional + AirFlow

Smiling is our calling card, no doubt about it. So it is imperative that it is always impeccable. It's no surprise to anyone that you need to visit your dentist's office twice a year, when it is recommended to have a dental cleaning. During your visit to our clinic you will receive a complete care package, specially designed to restore your enviable smile.

Detartraj cu ultrasunete

During the first stage, "scaling", the dentist will remove plaque and tartar deposits. Most of the time, the dentist first uses an ultrasonic scaler to remove most of the tartar, and then uses special hand tools to remove the most stubborn tartar. Performing the scaling procedure regularly can keep you from the negative effects of plaque and tartar (irritation of the gums causing bleeding when brushing). Once scaling is done, your teeth will be cleaner, whiter and brighter.

Periajul profesional / igienizare profesionala

Professional brushing is a completely painless procedure where your dentist will use special tools and pastes to remove plaque from even the most inaccessible areas. This procedure is performed before air-flow and helps you get the feeling of clean teeth. Professional brushing is necessary to smooth the surfaces of your teeth after scaling and to remove any plaque residue. This procedure is not a teeth whitening procedure, but deep cleaning can remove small cavities from your teeth.


AirFlow is the last stage of dental hygiene, after scaling and professional brushing. It is carried out using a device containing water and powdered bicarbonate or glycine particles that clean even the most hidden areas, including the subgingival space. This procedure offers increased comfort, is quick and completely painless. It also removes superficial stains (smoking, red wine, black tea or coffee).

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