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Welcome to DENTOCALM

Take care of yourself and your family!

The concept created for the Dentocalm clinic is to combine in a unique way the good mood and professionalism. Our clients are our guests and they are welcomed with the same heat every time they cross the threshold.

With over 20 years of experience behind, Dentocalm is available to clients with a wide range of services covering all branches of dental medicine. From Prophylaxis to Implantology, patients with dental problems have all the treatments on site without having to go to other medical units.

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Acestea sunt doar cateva din recenziile primite de la clienti, pe pagina noastra de Facebook.
Apreciem foarte mult parerea clientilor nostri si daca ne-ati trecut pragul, va invitam sa ne impartasiti experienta avuta.
  • Laura Babos
    Robert was the hero of the class after he appeared at school with the first tooth carefully sheltered in a locket around his neck .. the experience of the first tooth extraction was extraordinary, without pain and in full confidence in Magda - Zana Maseluta ;-) Thank you, Dentocalm, for knowing how to take good care of your teeth, from the youngest to the oldest!
    Laura Babos
  • Giulia Larisa Sturza
    The best !! They take care of you very seriously, they take care to solve your problems in the most painless way possible and besides that the atmosphere is very pleasant! Congratulations, DentoCalm Team!
    Giulia Larisa Sturza
  • Raluca Ene
    A team of professional and special people from all points of view! I recommend with confidence!
    Raluca Ene
  • Maria Adamian
    I like to hear that there are dentists who are passionate about what they do. Congratulations, you aroused my interest, although it is not easy with me. Good luck and have as many patients as possible (thank you).
    Maria Adamian
  • Marius Alin
    A super dental clinic! I go all the time with pleasure. The same feeling as when I meet an old friend. Passionate and dedicated staff, high-performance equipment, everything is very clean. I recommend with confidence!
    Marius Alin
  • Aura Mihaiela Vasilache
    All the respect for these wonderful people, who receive you with a smile on their face even after 12 hours of work. I didn't think I could go to a dental office with so much pleasure, where I sit for work and 5.6 hours each. Congratulations Mrs. Magda Crisan, for what you have done and for your team. I wish you continued success.
    Aura Mihaiela Vasilache
  • Cristina Tdr
    I arrived at this clinic on Sunday night in an emergency, upset, with unbearable mass pain. I was greeted very nicely, and in a few moments they took care of my problem. 20 minutes later, I had a smile on my face and no pain. Very kind and professional staff! Recommended!
    Cristina Tdr
  • Adrian Buzilă
    Are you afraid to go to the dentist? It means you haven't been to DentoCalm. The best team, the best services. Parking is included in the price!
    Adrian Buzilă
  • Natalia Frese
    Dr. Gabriela Popovici made me the most thorough descaling so far! I think he got the idea of tartar out of my head too!
    Natalia Frese
  • Ioana Pop
    My 7-year-old boy enters the office scared, shaking from head to toe. Dr. Magda Crisan greets him with a smile. Inhalation (following two other failed meetings). This was followed by 2 long hours of psychological struggle between professionalism and the spirit of conservation, the struggle finally won by professionalism. The treatment of the mole lasted 15 minutes, but the two hours of gaining confidence will last a lifetime. Thanks to the Dentocalm team! Thank you Dr. Magda Crisan!
    Ioana Pop
  • Flavia Onișor
    I confidently recommend the Dentocalm Clinic due to the quality services it offers and the friendly and professional attitude of the staff. I would like to especially thank Dr. Adrian Cristea for the meticulous work he did for me and for the patience he gave me!
    Flavia Onișor
  • Laura Felicia Sincraian
    Great esteem and respect for the Dentocalm Dental Clinic, I highly recommend this Clinic because here are the greatest professionals. I wish you health, many achievements, accomplishments and much success! Congratulations !!!
    Laura Felicia Sincraian
  • Anamaria Giurgiu
    I highly recommend! My 3-year-old daughter was very pleased with Dr. Panait!
    Anamaria Giurgiu
  • Bogdan Cornea
    Definitely the best, clinical performance whose threshold I have crossed. Very friendly staff. I highly recommend!
    Bogdan Cornea
  • Dana Olivia Pasca
    It's a pleasure to go to Dentocalm. All the staff are friendly, the services are impeccable, you feel at home.
    Dana Olivia Pasca
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