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PRGF Endoret therapy

PRGF Endoret technology is a process that accelerates post-surgical healing, used mainly in dentistry, dental implant surgery, bone addition for implant, bone repair or dental abscess healing. It is an innovative technology, introduced in Romania in 2007. This system has been patented in Spain and is based on more than 150 scientific publications. It was invented by researchers at the Institute for Biomechanics and Regenerative Medicine, who have been developing innovative technology for dentistry for years.

How does it work?
This system is based on obtaining growth factors from proteins taken from the patient's blood using a machine called a centrifuge. The procedure is performed directly in the surgery in a few minutes.

What does it involve?
A small amount of blood is collected from the patient and placed in a centrifuge in order to isolate the plasma red blood cells. The procedure takes about 8 minutes and is performed at a speed of about 1000 revolutions/minute. The plasma obtained is then placed in a special oven to obtain a mixture with tissue regeneration properties.

In other words, the growth factors and fibrin in the plasma will be used in the area where the surgery was performed, speeding up the healing of the area sevenfold. It also involves separating leukocytes from plasma, thus avoiding inflammation and reducing pain. The body's rejection rate is 0% and the risk of post-surgical complications and infections is greatly reduced.

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